EVO GP-Pro Gimbal – The Best GoPro Gimbal? [In-depth review]

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The EVO GP-pro 3 Axis handheld GoPro gimbal from EVO Gimbals represents a new generation of camera equipment that allows for shooting super smooth video with 3 axes of stabilization for the GoPro, Hero 3, Hero 4, the GoPro Hero Session and Session Black,  or the popular Garmin Virb Ultra 30 (with appropriate mount). Is it the best gopro gimbal we have seen so far? We run through the features and take it for a test.

EVO Gimbals

EVO Gimbals are a US-based business that have been making professional and ‘prosumer’ 3-axis stabilizers for use with GoPro cameras, Small DSLRs and smartphones.

The Evo GP-pro Gopro gimbal has advanced stabilisation features that are powered by a 32-bit X3 CoreMark MCU and an encoder that allows for fast refresh rates.

Here are some of the welcomed features of the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal, and my real-world experience with it.

EVO GP-Pro Unboxing

What’s in the box?

EVO GP Pro gimbal box contents - Gimbal Review

The Good

Built In Charging

EVO GP Pro GoPro Gimbal charging - Gimbal Review

Even though the GoPro series of cameras usually have enough battery life for most users, if you are out

for a long day, you will usually have to take an extra battery to make sure the GoPro lasts the day.

The GP Pro has you covered. It features a built-in charger that can power your GoPro. It makes battery changes a thing of the past. Two 2000 MAH batteries power the charger. It helped me extend my camera usage – almost three times over, and proved the claim on their website.

Ultimately, It adds to the gimbal’s versatility.


One of the unique features of the GP-PRO series is the four-way thumb stick for precise control of your tilt, pin, and roll axes. A few other gimbals have a built in control on the handle but not all work well.

EVO GP-Pro controls - Gimbal Review

1. Power Button
2. 4 Way Thumbstick
3. 3.5mm Video Output
4. USB for Remote/Updates

The joystick translated in to quick changes of the pan and tilt of the GoPro. I can imagine making use of the pan controls when using the gimbal for ‘follow cam’ situations.

There was no lag noticable in the gimbal’s bruishless motors, and panning was fast an smooth. Changing pan direction suddenly, which can make some gimbals stutter, was handled super super smoothly.

3.5mm AV Audio and Video

EVO GP Pro video output - Gimbal Review

The functionality of the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal can be expanded with its video-out feature. By connecting a field monitor, you can view taken footage in a pinch – without data transfer.

Even though this is targeted more at the professional end of the market (I don’t know many people who have a mobile monitor), it can also be used to review footage at hope without removing the camera from the gimbal. I probalby won’t use the functionality, it was nice knowing that the ability was there when need be.

Starting the Evo GP-pro GoPro Gimbal

Starting the gimbal was particularly straightforward. You first unscrew the bottom cap, twisting on the battery extension tube, insert the two 2000 MAH batteries, making sure that you screw all of these components in a clockwise motion to ensure that you don’t strip any screws. Then re-screw the bottom cap, insert my GoPro into the gimbal’s chassis, and done! ready to go.

I found that calibrating the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal is similar to other setups, like the GoPro Karma Grip. You start by laying the gimbal on a firm surface, then powering it on by holding the power button for 2 seconds, then pressing the joystick for about 4 seconds.

The camera’s movements, as you expect from Evo products, were buttery smooth.

You can calibrate the pitch, the yaw, the roll – all while charging your GoPro camera.

I can tell that the gimbal is charging my camera properly, as the red indicator lights on the camera, telling me that there was a secure connection between the gimbal’s charging base and the camera.

Different Shooting Modes of the Gimbal

The default mode, also called the “heading follow” mode, allows the camera to move on the gimbal’s yaw. Effectively keeping the camera pointed the directionyou point the handle.

The “heading lock” mode enables the camera to rotate only. This means that it will keep the camera facing the same direction as you start it up. Great if you always want to keep the same view in shot and you are walking in a circle.

The “heading and pitch follow mode” allows the camera to sit a gradient for more immersive video footage.

“Invert mode” flips the camera, allowing you to hold the handle inverted. For example if you want to hold the camera close to the ground, for that ‘bugs-eye’ view.

All of these modes are activated with a simple click on of the shaft of the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal.

Evo GP-pro GoPro Gimbal Video Stability

There is such a stark difference in quality when it comes to recording without the gimbal versus with it. Without the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal, footage was wobbly, and almost all over the place. Forget trying to focus on a subject.

Once installed, the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal offers a superior smoothness, even allowing me to jog up a flight of stairs with the viewer hardly noticing.

EVO GP Pro 3-Axis Gimbal - Gimbal ReviewReal World Usage

The Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal is a very versatile accessory, which has worked great during the testing.

One of the benefits that I can appreciate of the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal is its ability to charge my camera, therefore helping me to declutter and leave some of my accessories behind when I am recording video.

Not only is it a product that was made with quality in mind, but I’m also covered by a very generous warranty. I have a one year warranty on parts and labor – that also includes the gimbal’s charger, USB cable, and the battery duo. Additionally, I’m covered if an accident happens or if something breaks due to normal wear and tear.

EVO GP Pro – The Bottom Line

Its versatility is supported by its 3.5mm AV outputs, for easy connectivity to most monitors and TV screens. It’s upgraded in several ways over past reiterations of the gimbal (the EVO GP), allowing for more control and expanded flexibility for peripheral accessories. In summary, For a compact gimbal that offers connectivity to other devices, all while charging your camera; you simply cannot go wrong with the Evo GP-pro GoPro gimbal.


Current Lowest Price on Amazon US: Out of stock

Current Lowest Price on Amazon UK: Unavailable in the UK at the current time.


6 thoughts on “EVO GP-Pro Gimbal – The Best GoPro Gimbal? [In-depth review]

  1. Earl pery

    I’m looking to purchase EVO GP Pro so I can use it for work as I am a law enforcement officer and often live stream event to the public, would you be able to supply one to me in the UK?

  2. scott

    do you know if the AV functions and battery charging ability work with the gopro5 as well as the 4 ? and to ask a question , how would i use the EVO and gopro with a lapel mic, does the mic connect to the bottom of the stick and the audio is recorded on the gopro? or does a mic cable have to hang off the gopro while it’s in the mount?


    1. Tim Post author

      Hi Scott,
      At this time, EVO don’t produce a charging cable for the GoPro 5, although they say it’s “in development”, I’m not sure what the release date will be. This is because the GoPro 5 black uses as USB-C connector, and all older GoPros use the more common USB-B connector. The GoPro 4 package comes with two cables, one is just for charging and the other supports A/V out and charging at the same time, and I imagine that’s what the GoPro 5 package will have. It might be sold separately to people that have already bought the gimbal.

      As for a lapel mic, the signal from the camera is A/V out only, and because the cable uses the same port as the mic, you couldn’t use them both at the same time. You also want to be careful about hanging a cable off the GoPro while it is being used in the gimbal. The cable will change the balance point of the camera and the gimbal might stuggle to keep the camera steady. If it’s a very light weight cable you might be ok, but trying to plug in the GoPro 5 external mic adapter really won’t work.

      Hope that helps!

    1. Tim Nicholls Post author

      Thanks Josephine, I’m currently working on a review of the EVO SS at the moment, and a comparison of the best wearable gimbals, so stay tuned. In case you were interested the EVO SS, is a rebranded version of the Zhiyun Rider-M for US markets. Check out the Zhiyun Rider M here


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