It’s Black Friday, Time to shop 3-axis gimbals!


Black Friday with Gimbal Review

Black Friday. It’s the time of the year when you get to buy shiny new gear, and feel good about saving money.

The last friday in November means it’s Black Friday, and Cyber Monday and starts a week of deals. If you’ve hesitated over a buying a gimbal, now is the best time of year to buy the gimbal you’ve been looking for, or buy a christmas present for the gadget lover in your life.

Below we’ve collected all the gimbal deals we have found, so you don’t have to search for yourselves.

Black Friday at FeiyuTech

Feiyu are running a Black Friday Promotion, on their online store and on With savings of up to $160, there are a few bargains to look out for:

FeiyuTech a2000 DSLR Gimbal

Feiyu a2000 DSLR Gimbal

Feiyu a2000 DSLR Gimbal

Prize on Out of stock

You save: $140!

The a2000 DSLR gimbal is a great semi-professional DSLR gimbal, and works well stabilizing all DSLR and Mirrorless cameras up to 4.4lbs (2kg).

The following cameras are compatible:

  • Canon: 5D3, 5D4, 6D, 6D2, 7D2, 80D
  • Nikon: D810, D750, D610, D7500
  • Sony: a99, a77, a9, a7, a6500, a6300, Sony A7s
  • Panasonic: GH5, GH4

As long as you aren’t using to a heavy lens you should be ok.

The design of the dismountable main body and handle allows for future extension accessories. And it’s easy to change from single to dual handheld model to suit your different needs.

The adoption of slip ring motors at panning axis, tilting axis and rolling axis gives this 3-axis gimbal  full rotation 360°  without limit.

I’m not sure what Feiyu were trying to do with the promo video below, but see how a Rooster takes on the a2000:

We hope to do an in-depth review of this handheld DSLR stabilizer, but we haven’t managed it yet. Stay tuned!


Feiyu WG2 Waterproof GoPro Gimbal

Feiyu-Tech WG2 Waterproof wearable gimbal Black friday deal

Feiyu WG2 – A waterproof wearable gopro gimbal

Price on Out of stock

You save: $43.00

The WG2 gopro stabilizer is a fantastic choice to the active person. It supports all GoPro models, and when used with the news GoPros, becomes a fully waterproof solution. You can even use the gimbal for short times underwater!

Read our full review of the Feiyu Tech WG2 GoPro Gimbal, to get our impression. If you are considering buying a GoPro stabilizer, then this is the gimbal to choose.

Black Friday at DJI

DJI has taken the know-how they developed from dominating the drone market and applied it to handheld gimbals. The results are nothing short of spectacular with few good competing options.

DJI is a high-end retailer that is not known for providing discounts very often. Now is your one of the few chances you will have to pick up DJI products for a discount.

DJI Osmo Mobile

DJI Osmo Mobile black friday deal

Save $100 on DJI Osmo Mobile

Price on $147.00

You save: $100.00

The Osmo Mobile is the company’s response to people who wanted great footage from their smartphone but were frustrated by the blurriness of their footage after the fact.

To use the DJI Osmo Mobile, simply place your phone into the gimbal in portrait or horizontal mode and it will do most of the work for you automatically. This gimbal competes with the Zhiyun Smooth-Q, which is  usually much cheaper, and would normally  be our recommendation.

But as you are saving $100, why not go for the DJI Osmo Mobile?

The Osmo Mobile is basically a mobile Tripod and it is perfect for live streamers, YouTubers, and Instagram models.

The Osmo Mobile normally sells for $299, but the company has released a $100 discount for Black Friday. This means that you can pick it up for just $199.

DJI Osmo+

DJI OSMO+ black friday deal

Current price on Check on Amazon

You save: $190.00

The Osmo+ shoots 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at an incredible 100fps. The camera on the Osmo+ is extremely powerful. It has enhanced sound with the included FlexiMic. You can connect your phone to the gimbal to see what the camera is seeing and make sure your shots look great.

It’s hard to find a handheld gimbal as powerful as the Osmo+. which ends up being a discount of $190.00!

Black Friday at Zhiyun-Tech

Zhiyun are also getting in on the action. They are offering a great deal on their popular Smooth-Q smartphone gimbal. Already a great budget gimbal, Black Friday means getting stabilized footage with your smartphone is even more affordable.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q Smartphone gimbal

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-axis gimbal Black friday dealPrice on Check on Amazon

You save: $50.00

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q was released in March 2017 and is positioned as the budget friendly, consumer friendly model, to sit along side the more pricey Smooth 3. The Smooth-Q retail price at lanch was $149 (check the price), which is less than half the price of the competitors like the DJI Osmo Mobile , but still packing a premium set of features.

This is a great deal, and makes us wish we didn’t already have one, so we could take advangage of the bargain.

Read our Zhiyun Smooth-Q review, and see why this should be your next gimbal.

Black Friday at EVO Gimbals

EVO are also running black friday promotions on their range of Gimbals. Only available for people in the US, other countries look for Zhiyun products instead, as EVO gimbals are just rebranded Zhiyun products.

EVO Shift

EVO Shift 3-axis smartphone gimbal Black friday dealPrice on

You save: $30.00

The EVO Shift is the rebranded Zhiyun Smooth-Q for the US market. A decent saving here for those of us that live in the states. Read our review of the Smooth-Q to see if you should spend cash on the Shift.

Black Friday at Gudsen

Not as established on the scene as Feiyu or Zhiyun, Gudsen, make great 3-axis stabilizers, and the Moza Air, is a strong competitor to  the Zhiyun Crane 2 DSLR gimbal.

Gudsen Moza Air DSLR Gimbal

Gudsen MOZA Air with tripod Black friday dealPrice on $479.00

You save: $100.00

When we reviewed the Gudsen Moza Air, we found that it was a great gimbal, and definitely worthy of consideration if in the market for a Mirrorless gimbal.

The gimbal offers professional quality DSLR gimbal at amature level prices, so your can get the shots you need without taking out a second mortgage.


That’s the best deals we’ve found for now. If you see any other gimbal bargains, please get in touch on twitter @gimbal_review and let us know!

Thanks for reading!

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